Choosing online poker over land-based poker

Online poker is gaining eminence quite rapidly. It provides the opportunity to players to play poker against each other and that too at the comfort of their home. Online poker has surpassed land based poker in gaining popularity among people. There are certain benefits of playing online poker over land based poker and these are:

  • The player can involve real money or simply play money depending upon his expertise in the game. This facility can’t be found in a casino where only real money is involved while playing the game.
  • Free online games serve as the best learning tools. The player should involve real money only after playing for play games and when he becomes confident of himself.
  • Online casinos charge just 5 percent of the rake as compared to real casinos which charge 10 percent rake.
  • Online casinos offer more hands to play per hour as here you can play 60 hands in one hour as compared real casinos dealing with just 30 hands in an hour.
  • Moreover, online casinos do not require any traveling and can be enjoyed with a sip of tea or coffee at your own home.
  • Online casinos do not require tipping the dealers.
  • Furthermore, the online casinos offer multiple tournaments at one time as compared to real casinos arranging for tournaments on specific days only.
  • Online casinos offer several bonuses for playing at their site which are not offered by any land based casinos.
  • Mishandling of results can be done in real casinos by dealers whereas there are no such chances in online casinos.

Risks in playing poker at real casinos and online casinos may differ. But percentage of risks on online poker is more compared to real casino. Some facts have to be considered while playing online poker and become free from the scams that occur while playing over the internet.

Make a perfect research about the site:

  • Choosing site must be done after a perfect research over the Internet. You need to do it by visiting many sites. Check for the security that the site gives you and whether it has an encryption algorithm in protecting personal details that you furnish to site. To make difference of official and the fake site you need to see the yellow lock that is present at the tool bar of the browser’s home page. After seeing all these you need to opt to play poker.
  • Check for idea puzzling in placing bet and ensure that you have no loss. The reason behind is that by losing at early stages a person gets disinterest to play further.
  • Choose a site that offers 100% cash back facility after winning the game and be sure that, in any case, you don’t provide password of your money card.
  • Before playing, read the terms of the game and credentials of the site to make sure that it has an official site.

These are some useful tips which help you to choose the right and safe way to play poker. Good Luck!